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Some Salt for that Heartbleed…and Shellshock



Armies of sys admins utilized SaltStack to diagnose and remediate the BASH and Open SSL vulnerabilities in data centers around the world. Read more about their success.

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Best of VMWorld 2014 Gold Award



SaltStack won The Best of VMWorld 2014 Gold Award in the category of “Virtualization Management.” SaltStack was recognized for its ability to manage all the data center things at speed and scale, regardless of platform or vendor.

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Container networking

IBM and SaltStack for Docker App Container Orchestration and Networking at Scale

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SoftLayer, an IBM Company, is a sponsor of SaltConf15. Make sure to catch several keynotes and breakout talks from IBM including: Mac Devine, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Services Division and IBM Distinguished Engineer, “The Perfect Storm…

Microsoft Azure

Cloud Orchestration and App Configuration with Microsoft Azure and SaltStack

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At SaltConf15, Ross Gardler of Microsoft Open Tech and Joseph Hall of SaltStack, will demonstrate how to deploy a SaltStack master server to Microsoft Azure in minutes. They will then show how to use that master to…


Real-World DevOps with XebiaLabs at SaltConf15

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We’d like to thank XebiaLabs for sponsoring SaltConf15 and we’re looking forward to talks from Andrew Phillips, XebiaLabs VP of products, on the topic of real-world DevOps. If there’s any subject that needs some clarity and…

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SaltStack Announces SaltConf15 Keynote Speakers

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SaltConf15 makers-themed conference party and Salt Sprint details also announced SALT LAKE CITY – Feb. 20, 2015 – SaltStack, the creators of fast and scalable orchestration software for event-driven cloud infrastructure, today announced SaltConf15 keynote speakers…


SaltStack Enterprise is proven and packaged for the unique automation requirements of enterprise and Web-scale CloudOps, ITOps and DevOps.


SaltStack software manages heterogeneous computing environments, orchestrates any cloud and automates deployment of just about any infrastructure and application stack used to create modern cloud, enterprise IT and Web-scale.


SaltStack offers expert consulting services to SaltStack Enterprise customers for new implementations and complex data center transformation projects.


Get access to the SaltStack brain trust and proprietary education offerings through SaltStack on-site or regional training courses.


The SaltStack certification program provides SaltStack customers with service-level assurances and top-quality consulting engagements.


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