Enterprise-grade policy compliance

SaltStack® Enterprise Compliance Solution leverages the power of Salt for event-driven orchestration, configuration and policy compliance checks to deliver an intelligent and integrated audit, remediation and compliance solution for the enterprise data center. Organizations use SaltStack to enforce policy configuration compliance across massive infrastructures.

Secure systems and data at scale

Organizations like Adobe and LinkedIn use SaltStack to enforce configuration compliance with enterprise policies across massive infrastructures. SaltStack Enterprise creates the most intelligent IT systems orchestration and automation platform for securing and managing digital business systems and data at scale.

Advantage SaltStack

The most scalable, flexible and intelligent infrastructure compliance

  • Always-on policy audit and compliance for any data center infrastructure or software environment;
  • Intelligent, event-driven compliance checks;
  • Audit against internal and external policy definitions for firewall rules, listening ports, CVE scans, CIS, OpenSSL and more;
  • Intelligent file integrity and unauthorized access monitoring for additional security control;
  • Visualize audits and remediate issues to drive policy compliance all from a single platform.