SaltStack intelligent orchestration for HPE composable infrastructure

SaltStack Enterprise and Hewlett Packard Enterprise OneView are integrated to provide full control of a heterogeneous data center environment built on HPE Synergy, ProLiant and BladeSystem c7000 composable infrastructure. The integration allows enterprise IT organizations to efficiently manage every aspect of a data center infrastructure through modern, software-defined automation with smart provisioning and event-driven management.

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SaltStack and HPE make data center automation easier with event-driven, composable infrastructure. The integration is available to SaltStack Enterprise and HPE OneView customers. Benefits of this combined integration include:

  • Software-defined intelligence
  • Ubiquitous programmability for the heterogeneous data center with HPE composable infrastructure
  • Bare-metal interface for Infrastructure as a Service
  • Template-driven workload composition for frictionless operations
  • Fluid resource pools with support for physical, virtual, and containerized environments
  • Integrated through the Unified API

A use case – SaltStack event-driven automation for HPE composable infrastructure

This summarized use case outlines the power of SaltStack and HPE OneView for system management. Request access to the technical white paper titled, “SaltStack and HPE OneView for Event-Driven Orchestration of the Modern Data Center” for additional getting started and integration details.

  1. SaltStack targets HPE OneView infrastructure for jobs and management tasks based on HPE OneView inventory data.
  2. The SaltStack Proxy Minion functionality allows provisioning, configuration and other automation routines to be extended to HPE OneView-managed server, chassis, network and storage infrastructure.
  3. SaltStack leverages HPE OneView Insight Control Server Provisioning to deploy an operating system from bare metal.
  4. SaltStack configuration automation deploys and configures any application stack to run on HPE OpenView composable infrastructure.
  5. SaltStack event-driven orchestration listens to the HPE OneView message bus and a network of event-generating Salt Beacons to proactively react to alerts and changes for optimized system state configuration, security and compliance.