SaltStack Orchestration for ServiceNow – a modern cloud management platform

Enterprise IT operations management teams use SaltStack orchestration for ServiceNow to deliver Web-scale IT through the efficient deployment, provisioning and ongoing management of multi-cloud infrastructures and requested business services and applications. SaltStack Enterprise integrated with ServiceNow creates a modern cloud and data center infrastructure management platform.

SaltStack is ServiceNow Certified
SaltStack orchestration platform
SaltStack ServiceNow workflow

SaltStack and ServiceNow together


  • Improve customer service by automating as much IT process and workflow as possible for more agile, business-oriented IT infrastructure;
  • Deliver event-driven cloud and data center environments through the intelligent provisioning of any infrastructure or application stack;
  • Migrate applications and workloads to and from any cloud or infrastructure to avoid cloud lock in;
  • Establish IT operations transparency through process governance and compliant IT automation;
  • Control IT environments through closed-loop change and configuration management;
    Reduce service request fulfillment costs with fully automated self-service and an actionable service catalog; and
  • Automate and combine the best of ITIL and DevOps methodologies.

Additional Resources

  • Access SaltConf15 video content to learn the latest about SaltStack. View the talk to hear how they use SaltStack and ServiceNow for automating request fulfillment.
  • Request pricing for SaltStack Enterprise software and services integrated with ServiceNow.

"Looking at the next two years, cloud platform, cloud performance management/monitoring, automated server provisioning, service catalogs and software-defined networking are the top five technologies garnering attention."

− Peter ffoulkes, 451 Research

"There is a need to have a single-set integrated solution that offers end-to-end capability to manage the entire life cycle of complex IT and heterogeneous cloud services. Enterprises will reduce operational overhead by automating the entire IT cloud life cycle."

− Ronni Colville, Gartner

"The underperformance of IT management tools is driving customers' move to more-cohesive CMP tools that deliver an integrated approach to provisioning, monitoring and optimization..."

− Ronni Colville, Gartner

"IT organizations want to preserve flexibility in using multiple cloud providers, and desire to reduce lock-in. Increasingly, enterprises are seeking to optimize the placement of IT services across public cloud and on-premises private clouds."

− Dennis Smith, Gartner

"SaltStack Enterprise wins a 2015 Modern Infrastructure Impact Award in the category of “Best DevOps and Cloud Management Tool.”"

− TechTarget SearchDataCenter

"SaltStack wins an InfoWorld Bossie award in both 2014 and 2013 for cloud and data center software."

− InfoWorld

"Forbes names SaltStack one of ten cloud startups changing the landscape."

− Forbes

"InformationWeek names SaltStack one of six cloud, big data startups to watch."

− InformationWeek