The Best of SaltConf16 webinar series – “SaltStack for Ops Security, Compliance and Infrastructure Hardening,” by Christer Edwards of Adobe

Register to receive a recording of the first webinar of “The Best of SaltConf16” webinar series. The webinar is titled, “SaltStack for Ops Security, Compliance and Infrastructure Hardening” and was presented by Christer Edwards of Adobe. There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about data center security these days. Hear how Adobe integrated SaltStack automation with their existing toolset to provide better security visibility and compliance for a large infrastructure environment. Learn about Adobe’s innovative approach in areas such as configuration management profiles, HIDS via project Hubble, file integrity monitoring, CIS compliance auditing, and osquery integration. Learn how Adobe uses SaltStack to automate IT ops security, compliance and infrastructure hardening, and learn more about the new Hubblestack project for real-time security compliance audits.